Monday, January 9, 2012

Marchand Suspended 5 Games

Brad Marchand has been suspended 5 games for a clipping misconduct he was assessed Saturday against Vancouver. The video from the league office is here. I do not own any rights to the video footage.

My initial reaction on Saturday was that I was furious. My reaction to the 5 games, furious. But I must admit that the video explanation certainly helps. I think Shanahan has done a good job so far this year. It is also impossible to argue that Marchand could not have gone shoulder to shoulder, which he should have done. This was not a below the knee hit though, and that is the main component of a clipping penatly. Salo is 6 foot 2 and Marchand comes in at 5 foot 9, of course he will get lower. The other element that is very frustrating is that this exact, exact, play happened three times against Vancouver last year. Two of those times were to the Bruins. No penalties called. I have watched Marchand, and many other players around the league, use this manuever, and no calls have been made. If the league has decided to outlaw this hit, and will punish it the same way going forward, then I can be on board. However, I do think it is fair that in a game with so much chippyness and "grey area" plays, that the league decides to make an example out of Marchand. Now they claim he is a repeat offender and throw the book at the guy when it is a very commonplace hit. Thoughts? Reactions?

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  1. I'm angry as well, how does one other suspension in three seasons deem a player to be a repeat offender, that seem a little critical to me. I also don't like that fact that it was viewed as an "predatory low hit intentionally delivered by Marchand" I have a hard time accepting someone other than the perpetrator determining intent. Marchand is admittedly a trouble maker and instigator but not to the point where in my opinion he would intentionally do something to injure another player. Clipping is supposed to a hit below the knees and I have watched the footage over and over again and can only see him ducking under and making body contact on the back of Salo's thighs and not below the knee.
    As with any injury I certainly hope for Salo's speedy recovery and no long term ill effects.